I am a graduate student with a question about being on campus, enrollment, examinations, my committee or graduation. Is there any guidance?

The following information is available from the Graduate School:

Q: What should I do if I feel pressured to come into work sick, or otherwise ignore social distancing protocols such as 6ft distance / sanitizing / sticking to “skeleton crew” lab shifts? How should I report this?

We would expect something like this to be rare, if it happens at all, but if it does, you should report it. First, report it to the Department Head or Chair of the Departmental Graduate Committee so they can take action on your behalf. Another option is to report anonymously to the Purdue Hotline (Purdue.edu/hotline). Graduate education related issues reported to the hotline will come to the Graduate School, where we can investigate. We know that you might be worried about retaliation, but be assured, it will not be tolerated. Retaliation could be anything from not responding to emails, hindering your academic progress, or other things that negatively affect you. If you are not sure whether something could be perceived as retaliatory, contact your department head or the Graduate School.

Q: All of my committee is working remotely and I have a committee meeting or exam scheduled.  Currently the policy states “If the situation warrants, and it is agreeable with the members of the examining committee and the candidate, one member of the examining committee, or even the candidate, may participate in the examination via electronic media.” Do I have to delay my exam? Will there be any flexibility in the dates for the final exam and thesis deposit?

The Graduate School has relaxed this policy during Spring 2020 due to the COVID-19 emergency. We will not limit the number of members, including the student, that can participate via electronic media.

Friday, May 8, is the new deadline for both the final exam to be taken and deposits to be made for Spring 2020. That is one week beyond the current deadline for deposits and two weeks beyond the current deadline for final examinations. Hopefully, this modification will help many degree candidates and examining committees. We may still be able to handle a few (case-by-case basis with Late Graduation Deadline Fee) who deposit after our new general deadline, but this would need to be through special request to the Graduate School Associate Dean Tom Atkinson.

Q: I had planned to take my preliminary examination during Spring 2020 or Summer 2020.  If I have to delay until Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 to take my preliminary examination due to COVID-19, do I still have to register for two academic sessions before the session in which I am eligible to take my final examination?

No, the Graduate School is relaxing this policy. If you are ready to take your final examination in the semester after, or two semesters after, you take your preliminary examination, you may do so. In these situations, your department should notify, via supplemental note on the final exam request, the Graduate School’s Office of Graduate Records that you are ready to take your final examination and confirm that your examination has been impacted by COVID-19-related interruptions.  No additional review or approval is needed. This option is available for students who take preliminary examinations during Summer 2020 or Fall 2020. The Graduate School expects to see enrollment in research registration each session between the time of the preliminary examination and final examination.

Q: Can graduate students still be added to the list to graduate this spring, and if so, how?

Yes, between now and April 17, 2020, graduate students can still be added to the graduation list for Spring 2020. To be added, an email requesting the late addition to the candidate roster should be sent from the department to the Graduate School at gradweb@purdue.edu, and should include approvals from the major professor and the head or chair of the department. If approved by all, the $200 Late Graduation Deadline Fee would apply for the late add. 

Q: What if I am a currently enrolled new graduate student and am having trouble getting my required documents submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions by the deadline requested?

All currently enrolled Spring 2020 students and newly admitted Summer 2020 students who have a Graduate School hold due to non-receipt of documents (transcripts, diplomas, English translations, etc.) listed as conditions of continued enrollment in their admission letter, now have an effective hold date of October 1, 2020. There is nothing that you need to do. This change will allow you to register for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 courses without submitting these documents.

Q: What should I do if COVID-19 has disrupted my research plans or progress toward graduation. How do I modify my Graduate Research Credit approved plans (typically 69800 and 69900)?

You are a vital part of the research community at Purdue and it possible that COVID-19 disruptions may slow or inhibit progress to your degree. We encourage all graduate students to have a conversation with their current research advisor to discuss how you might revise expectations for meeting graduate research credit grade requirements for spring semester and graduation research requirements while working remotely. You might need to adjust your deliverables on a project, or adjust your research proposal objectives.   

Q: I am currently registered in graduate level classes (50000 and 60000) and would like to change to a Pass/No Pass option. Will this be available and what are the associated dates to make this decision? 

  1. In general, faculty will assign letter grades as they normally would.  However, some deadlines that have already passed will be extended. Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in graduate level classes (50000 and 60000 level) have the option to switch their grading modality to P/NP for any and all Spring 2020 classes through May 1 (Friday before finals). Graduate students enrolled in online graduate programs should email registrar@purdue.edu to request a grade mode change to P/NP.
  2. The minimum threshold for a grade of “P”, for Spring 2020, in a graduate level class (50000 and 60000) is defined as a B- if the course is listed on the Plans of Study (POS). For non- plan of study courses, the student could elect P/N grad option and earn a P for C- or higher.  P/NP grades will be allowed on the POS for Spring 2020 semester only.
  3. Graduate students have the option to drop any and all Spring 2020 classes, with academic advisor approval, until the last Friday of classes (May 1, 2020), provided it does not risk your student visa or aid status. International students should take into consideration registration minimums if they decide to drop any classes.  International graduate students who hold a graduate staff appointment must enroll in a minimum of six credits or research hours; international graduate students who do not hold a graduate staff appointment must enroll in a minimum of eight credits or research hours; and international undergraduate students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours. Domestic graduate students with a graduate staff appointment must be enrolled in three credits of 50000 or 60000 level coursework or research registration. If a student needs to add research credit, the student’s advisor should email registrar@purdue.edu asking to have the credit increased to an existing course or adding the new course. 
  4. No graduate students will be moved onto academic probation nor will any be dropped for academic deficiency from the university for reasons of “not in good academic standing” at the end of the Spring 2020 semester.  These changes in Continued Good Standing will resume with the results of the Fall 2020 semester.  However, students can return to Continued Good Standing with their Spring 2020 GPA. The Graduate School will not request departments to assess graduate students who earn a second (or more) consecutive “U” grade in research at the conclusion of the Spring 2020 semester only.  

Q: I am a graduate student and need to come to campus to check on an experiment or assist in teaching an online class, where can I park?  Are existing parking restrictions in place for graduate students?

If you can work from home you should, but if you need to come to campus, and have a vehicle, we are providing temporary parking permits to assist current circumstances. The temporary permit will allow parking in the B and C lots. Parking Services will communicate when this permit expires. If you have a current parking permit but new arrangements require other parking options, please contact Parking Services. If you don’t have a current parking permit, submit an application on the Parking Portal (https://purdue.t2hosted.com/Account/Portal) under “Special Permit Requests,” and then “Graduate Student Spring 2020 Permit.” Please direct any questions to Parking Services by emailing parking@purdue.edu. We hope that this will allow you to safely come to campus without the worrying about getting to your lab or office. Remember, if you come, please continue to practice safe distancing protocols.