Employment and Working (Updated June 29)

Who does this remote work guidance apply to?
This guidance applies to all Purdue West Lafayette employees, including Purdue Extension and Polytechnic Statewide employees.

Does the March 25, 2020 guidance change the general terms and conditions of my employment?
No. The guidance does not alter your general rights and responsibilities. Staff who are employed at-will remain at-will employees. Those who are appointed for definite or continuous terms of employment by contract, remain so employed. All faculty and staff who are able to work are expected to do so to the reasonable expectations of their supervisor and follow university policies governing their work.

My job is not a Critical On-Campus Support Function and I am unable to work remotely, what do I do?
Employees who are not a Critical On-Campus Support functions and are not able to work remotely, may be assigned other duties. Employees should discuss with their manager about opportunities for other work, LinkedIn Learning, completing webcert, etc. If your manager is unable to assign work, you will be approved for Other Leave. Managers should reach out to the HR business partner for assistance prior to approving leave. You will need to request this time through Success Factors as you normally request time off by selecting ‘Other Leave with Pay’ from the drop down options. This will ensure all proper accounting of leave without any loss of existing leave accruals.

Can I come into to the office?
Only Critical On-Campus Support Functions should be working on campus. Members of the General Workforce should continue to Telework until and unless instructed otherwise by their supervisors.

Can employees be asked to work outside their job classification or in another department?
Yes, members of the General Workforce may be required to work outside of their normal unit as deemed necessary during this time. All employees are asked to remain available for work to the greatest extent possible.

My manager assigned me to duties that are not my normal assignment. Am I required to perform these duties?
Employees who are assigned duties, even if not a part of their normal assignment, and cannot perform those duties as assigned, must provide an acceptable reason why you cannot perform this work. The HR business partner in your area can facilitate the discussion. Employees will not be eligible for Other Leave if they unreasonably refuse additional duties assigned.

Can my manager schedule me to work hours or shifts that I normally do not work?
Yes, you may be asked to work more or different hours than normal. Managers will attempt to provide as much advanced notice of changes to regular work schedules as possible.