What steps should be taken if an employee becomes ill with fever, cough or other concerning symptoms?

Managers should recommend that employees who are sick remain off duty (i.e., on sick leave) until symptoms resolve, and that they seek medical assistance, as appropriate. Anyone sick and believed to be at risk for COVID-19 infection should be advised to contact by phone the Protect Purdue Health Center (PPHC) at 765-496-INFO (4636) or 833-571-1043 (toll free) or the local County Health Department to seek medical assistance and follow the CDC recommendations. Additional telehealth services are also available to employees. If an employee declines to take leave, managers should consult human resources.

In addition, advise employees of the basic preventative measures (practice good hygiene, including frequent hand washing, covering your nose and mouth with your sleeve if you cough or sneeze, and avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands) and post hand hygiene flyers throughout your work areas.