All of my committee is working remotely and I have a committee meeting or exam scheduled. Currently the policy states “If the situation warrants, and it is agreeable with the members of the examining committee and the candidate, one member of the examining committee, or even the candidate, may participate in the examination via electronic media.” Do I have to delay my exam? Will there be any flexibility in the dates for the final exam and thesis deposit? (Updated May 5)

The Graduate School has relaxed this policy during Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 due to the COVID-19 emergency. We will not limit the number of members, including the student, that can participate via electronic media.

Friday, May 8, is the new deadline for both the final exam to be taken and deposits to be made for Spring 2020. That is one week beyond the current deadline for deposits and two weeks beyond the current deadline for final examinations. Hopefully, this modification will help many degree candidates and examining committees. We may still be able to handle a few (case-by-case basis with Late Graduation Deadline Fee) who deposit after our new general deadline, but this would need to be through special request to the Graduate School Associate Dean Tom Atkinson.