I meet with students, customers, employees, etc. frequently as part of my job responsibilities. What should I do if I encounter someone who is obviously sick?

As with Influenza or contagious illnesses such as colds, maintaining a distance of three to six feet from the person is a starting point. Do not shake hands or make other physical contact. Offer the individual a tissue and ask the person to cover their mouth and nose if they should need to cough or sneeze, and have them put the tissue in the trash. Use an antiviral wipe or spray after the person has left to wipe those areas of your work station that the person has touched. There may be situations in which a meeting can be rescheduled to a time when the person is feeling better, or the business can be conducted by phone or e-mail. Do not hesitate to offer this suggestion if it is appropriate.

This page offers guidance from the CDC for institutes of higher education.