What are the possible consequences students face for violating the Protect Purdue Pledge? (Added July 21)

Each situation is different and unique. Consequences will depend upon various considerations such as impact of the behavior, prior conduct history, and willingness to make the necessary changes to behavior. Sanctions are educational in nature and intended to provide the student with an activity to increase their knowledge and perspective. Generally, outcomes of reported non-compliance could include:

1. A written notice.
The notice could include a reminder about the Protect Purdue Plan and the expectations to comply. Additional information may include where to obtain personal protective equipment and resources related to COVID-19 health and safety information.

2. An informal meeting.
A meeting with the student may be requested to discuss the report. A record of the matter will be made and will be considered if there are any further issues of non-compliance.

3. A formal meeting.
A combination of disciplinary sanctions and educational measures may occur. Disciplinary actions for students may include warnings, probation, restricted access and/or loss of privileges, loss of on campus housing privileges or separation from the university. Egregious, significantly threatening, and/or repeat violations may be addressed with the student being issued a notice of Summary Suspension pending resolution of the matter through the University’s formal disciplinary process.

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(Note: Faculty and staff processes are outlined in their respective area.)