What should I keep in mind if I am considering dropping a course or withdrawing after spring break?

We recommend you contact your academic advisor using BoilerConnect before making any changes to your current course registration.

Although the deadline to drop, add or modify a course has been extended to May 1, 2020, any dropwithdrawlss made will not be eligible for tuition/financial aid refund. Additionally, dropping a course at this time in the semester or withdrawing altogether can impact your future financial aid eligibility. Altering your academic plan may cause you to exceed your maximum timeframe for financial aid or affect your credit completion pace, both components of the Division of Financial Aid’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy.

In addition, if you have a scholarship or grant that requires continuous enrollment or specific enrollment criteria, you may be at risk of losing that aid when you withdraw. To read more about our financial aid policies (including SAP), visit https://www.purdue.edu/dfa/contact/policies-appeals.html. To read about scholarship and grant renewability criteria, visit https://www.purdue.edu/dfa/details.html.