Will Purdue have the capability to test for COVID-19 on campus? (Added June 12)

Yes. As part of our preparations for the fall semester, Purdue will establish a comprehensive internal testing and contact tracing system to rapidly assess, sample and test any student, faculty or staff member reporting COVID-19 symptoms and those identified through clinically relevant contact tracing. Testing protocols will be established in conjunction with CDC and ISDH guidelines.

Building on existing testing capabilities at the Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab (ADDL) in the College of Veterinary Medicine, which has been CLIA certified to test human diseases, our protocols will include testing symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals following CDC guidelines with the goals of:

  • Protecting the most vulnerable.
  • Caring for symptomatic and sick individuals.
  • Managing the spread of the virus.

Testing protocols may include the proactive testing of roommates, screening of our athletic teams, closely monitoring selected sites and surveillance testing throughout the semester.

Additionally, we will build a mechanism for actively and accurately tracing the contacts of those who test positive for the virus, through a combination of in-person interviews and technology.

Furthermore, Purdue will determine the most appropriate utilization of antibody (a/B) testing and its potential implementation on our campus.