Protect Purdue Implementation Team

Building on the work of the Safe Campus Task Force, which was established in March 2020 by President Daniels to provide a series of recommendations for the potential return of students to campus in August and led by Purdue University deans David Hummels and Willie Reed, the Protect Purdue Implementation Team is working to develop and enact the Protect Purdue Plan. This comprehensive plan outlines the policies, procedures, guidelines, strategies and tactics that will enable the University to further its discovery and learning missions in the safest possible ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. These seven individuals lead subcommittees that are comprised of or engaged with dozens of faculty, staff, students and outside experts.

Protect Purdue Implementation Team Leaders

  • Protect Purdue Implementation Team Leader — David Broecker, chief innovation and collaboration officer, Purdue Research Foundation
  • Learning and Instruction — Jenna Rickus, vice provost for teaching and learning
  • Student Experience — Beth McCuskey, vice provost for student life
  • Research — Theresa Mayer, executive vice president for research and partnerships; Michelle Dennis, lead proposal coordinator for the office of the executive vice president for research and partnerships
  • Buildings and Infrastructure — Michael B. Cline, senior vice president for administrative operations
  • Health Monitoring and Surveillance — Eric Barker, dean, College of Pharmacy
  • Human Resources — Bill Bell, vice president for human resources
  • Communications — R. Ethan Braden, senior vice president for marketing and communications