Required COVID-19 Safe Health Protocols

Updated June 22

Effective May 26, 2020, the university has implemented new required protocols, to help protect the most vulnerable members of the Purdue community. 

  1. Students, staff, faculty, contractors, vendors, suppliers and visitors must wear a face covering upon entry to any campus building.  
    1. A face mask must be worn in all hallways, public spaces and common areas, including classrooms.  Masks must also be worn in office and lab spaces if social distancing of six feet is not possible.
    2. Face masks are required outdoors if safe social distancing is not possible
      1. The face mask is not a protection for you. It is a protection for others around you, to prevent you from unintentionally spreading the COVID-19 virus to others. 
      2. You should carry at least two face masks with you daily to ensure that you have a replacement if one becomes wet or dirty while you are on campus.  
  2. In buildings, you will see changes to building signage, and may be directed to follow a marked pathway while inside the building.  You will also see changes in restrooms and kitchenettes to promote social distancing in those areas.

This guidance will be updated in the coming weeks.  Updates will appear in Purdue Today and on the COVID-19 website.

Failure to comply with this COVID-19 protocol may result in disciplinary action through existing disciplinary processes.  Human resources will assist supervisors with addressing employee violations and the office of student rights and responsibilities in the office of the dean of students will address student violations.

All About Face Masks

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You may use a homemade or purchased cloth or disposable face covering.  A multi ply tightly woven cotton cloth or multi ply disposable face covering is recommended.  The face covering must not have an exhalation valve or introduce a hazard in the workplace (near any flammable liquids, for example). 

Information regarding face coverings, including how to make them, is provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Face coverings are available for purchase from Procurement Services.

Instructions for use and care

Safely put on the face covering:

  • Wash or use sanitizer on hands
  • Touch only the ear loops and place them over your ears.  
  • Do not touch the face covering except to adjust it to your nose and face. It should cover the nose and mouth and wrap under the chin.
  • Wash or use sanitizer on hands

Safely remove the face covering: 

  • Wash or use sanitizer on hands
  • Touch only the ear loops and remove them from your ears. 
  • For reuse, place the face covering in a bag (plastic or paper).
  • Wash or use sanitizer on hands.