Responding to COVID-19: Purdue Research

Transition to Phase 2 of our Return to Research Operations plan (May 19, 2020)

COVID-19 Specific PPE and Supplies (May 14, 2020)

Current Research Operations (Updated: May 19, 2020)

We appreciate your dedication to advancing Purdue’s research mission in a safe and responsible way during this unprecedented time. Governor Holcomb’s recent executive order provided an exemption for universities to perform critical research or essential functions given that social distancing practices are followed.

The critical research and support functions at Purdue campus laboratories, agricultural centers, and field sites are defined at this link. Principal investigators or facility/site directors who did not complete the online “Critical On-Campus Research Continuity Information Form” before May 17 but who wish to continue work that falls into one of more of the critical categories should contact Associate Vice President Chris Agnew ( for guidance.

All personnel should follow previously announced guidance on social distancing/safety hygiene practices, use of proper lab and safety equipment, and use of buddy system in labs with hazardous materials. Additionally, researchers who are sick, have returned from international travel outside of the state, or have concerns over their personal health and safety should not come to campus.

To continue remotely, researchers are encouraged to work on data analysis, writing projects, literature reviews, or online learning (coding, statistics, etc.). Group members should be well equipped to work remotely (VPN, Duo, etc.), including obtaining special accommodations and approvals for use of proprietary or protected data and computing resources.

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