Research Operations Guides

Resources ranging from summer employment and pay guidelines to cybersecurity tips and COVID-19 research funding opportunities — and more — are available on our Research Operations Guidance page.  

Guidance for Human Subjects Research

Guidance for Purdue HRPP and IRB Covid-19 Response

Important Update (March 16, 2020): Effective at 5:00 pm on Monday, March 16, 2020, all face-to-face human subjects research activities are to cease until further notice. This includes activities involving Purdue University researchers (faculty, student, staff) at any site. Principal Investigators are expected to pass this notification on to all human subjects research personnel immediately.

Please follow the guidelines on the IRB website.

Purdue MRI facility Guidance

The IRB has suspended all studies involving face-to-face interaction with research participants, effective 5pm on March 16. Thus, no further human MRI scans should be performed at the Purdue MRI facility as of this date anymore and until further notice.

The Purdue MRI Facility will follow campus open/closure notifications.

  • In the event of campus closure, core staff (Greg Tamer and Xiaopeng Zhou) will monitor equipment remotely as possible and work with engineering support and system vendors to assure imaging system integrity.
  • As needed, staff may be required to be onsite for limited periods to ensure imaging system integrity and operations.

At this time the MRI facility remains open to primary operators, however with limited support and the following rules:

  • MRI staff is working mostly remotely. If you require support for a non-human scan, please contact Xiaopeng Zhou ( for Siemens scanner) or Greg Tamer ( for GE scanner) or Nathan Ooms ( for either scanner) at least a day in advance to discuss your scan and its feasibility at this time.
  • Reminder: While primary operators are allowed to schedule and run scans on phantoms, our policy remains in place that two safety trained operators, at least one of which is a primary operator, need to be in the facility at all times if the MRI scanner is being operated, even for phantom scanning (basically the moment somebody is entering the scanner room). We encourage social distancing of the two operators, e.g. the secondary may remain in the meeting room.
  • We have stopped the linen service until human scans can resume again. Please note that there will be no linen, blankets, towels or scrubs available at the MRI facility.
  • Anybody running an MRI scan is asked to disinfect the scanner bed as well as the console desk after use of the scanner. Labeled, MRI-safe disinfectant bottles are available in each scanner console room. The disinfectant does not need to be wiped off, just spray and leave to dry for 5 minutes before touching.
  • All control rooms (imaging suites) will be limited to only personnel that are required to perform the study. No greater than 5 individuals will be allowed in any room. We encourage no more than 2 individuals in any one room.
  • MRI staff will come in weekly to check on the scanners and to disinfect common areas.
  • All core scans that are cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns will be waived of scan charges.

Please follow the guidelines for Purdue MRI Facility.