Spring 2021 Online Option Experience

Online Option: University’s academic plan to offer a robust lineup of fully online courses for students who cannot or choose not to come to campus because of the COVID-19 pandemic but desire to start or continue their Purdue studies virtually instead of in-person as a residential student. Online offerings currently include an extensive course catalog, specifically most high-enrollment courses. Instructional designers and video teams collaborated with faculty support the adaptation of many courses to the online environment. All online courses have the same content,  learning outcomes and rigor as their on-campus counterparts. Courses are tailored for an online environment and for participation from anywhere in the world.

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General – 2021 Online

Extension: January 7, 2021 11:59 PM ET

Original: November 13, 2020 11:59 PM ET

Undergraduate Students eligible to opt-in for Spring 2021 online:

  • New admits (new beginners and transfers) for spring 2021
  • Re-entry students
  • Active students not registered for fall 2020 courses
  • Students currently in the Fully Online Option for fall 2020

Undergraduate Students eligible to request an exception and be considered for Spring 2021 Fully Online:

  • Fall 2020 residential students, regardless of the course modality – online, hybrid, or in-person

Fall 2020 Residential students interested in Spring 2021 Fully Online need to show a significant change in personal circumstance or life situation such as medical concerns, their family health or financial situation, or international travel/visa restrictions in their exception request.

It depends on the student’s request and if documentation is deemed necessary. Students will not need to submit documentation with their initial request. If additional documentation is need to support the student’s request, the review committee will reach out directly to the student via their Purdue email address.

After December 7 – Deadline Extension
The review and notification timeline will vary greatly depending on the request. Some students will be notified that their request has been placed on hold while the committee reviews each request. Should Purdue determine that additional documentation is needed during the initial review, the window for which you will receive your decision will be extended. All requests will receive a decision before the first week of classes. 

When a final decision has been released, an email will be sent to you and your advisor(s) outlining the decision and any next steps that you should take. All decisions are made at the discretion of Purdue and are final. 

Should you have questions during or after submitting your request, please direct them to your advisor or enrollmentmanagement@purdue.edu

Before November 13 Deadline
It depends on the follow-up needed for any given student’s situation. A student should expect to receive a request for supporting documentation or a decision within one week of submitting the request.

Yes, that is true.

Yes. Eligible students will receive an email on October 29 with the subject line “Spring 2021 Online Details” in their Purdue email account. This email provides a custom link that is unique to each student to submit the opt-in form.

Undergraduate Students Currently Enrolled in the Fully Online Option for Fall 2020
The deadline to continue the online experience has passed, but the form has been re-activated for a limited time. Students currently enrolled in the Fully Online Option for fall 2020 and taking OL courses may reference the email “Spring 2021 Online Details” in their Purdue inbox for a unique to you link to the opt-in form. Students who do not take any action will be automatically moved to the residential, in-person or distance learning class experience.

If you do plan to move to the Fully Online Option for spring 2021, you should act quickly, because the form will close on January 7, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET. After that date, no changes will be allowed.

Fall 2020 Residential Undergraduate Students, Regardless of Course Delivery Method
The initial deadline to request movement from the residential experience for the fall 2020 semester, including those taking courses from a distance or in-person, to the Fully Online Option for spring 2021 has passed. We have temporarily opened up a new form that you may use to demonstrate that a significant change has occurred during their fall semester that has put their health at risk, impacted their ability to travel to campus due to travel and/or visa restrictions, or had other significant, unforeseen COVID-19 impacts on the student as well as why the initial deadline was missed. Purdue may request documentation that supports this significant change.

This form should be completed by January 7, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET when the form will close. After that date, no changes will be allowed.

WARNING: You should work with your advisor to confirm that the courses you desire are offered as part of the Fully Online Option spring 2021 catalog and that they have open spaces. 

New Undergraduate Admits (new beginners and transfers) and Re-entry Students
Within one (1) week of accepting your offer of admission, you will receive an email to your Purdue email inbox with the subject line “Spring 2021 Online Details” that contains a unique to you link to opt-in to the Fully Online Option for spring 2021. You must complete this form by December 16 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

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General Classes and Academics | Tuition and Financial Aid | Housing and Dining | Campus Life and Socializing 

Classes and Academics – 2021 Online

The list was designed to prioritize courses that could help the most number of students. Because some programs are highly experiential, not all course and programs are as amenable to fully online. Continuing students who are closer to graduation may consult with their advisors and faculty members to see if there are additional options that might be available, but not all on-campus courses will be available for online students.

If you choose the Spring 2021 Online Option, you will select from a subset of Purdue courses that will offer a robust, flexible, engaging, and high-quality learning experience. Purdue’s instructional designers and video teams are currently working with Purdue faculty creating content and designing these courses in preparation for the Spring 2021 semester. These fully online courses are designed to provide the same content and learning opportunities as their on-campus counterparts. Purdue’s goal is to produce courses that are tailor-made for an online environment which includes high-quality video and audio, engaging activities, opportunities for student-to-student interaction, and connections between students and faculty. Purdue continues to be committed to excellence in education and the well-being of our students and brings that same commitment to providing the classes students need in an online environment that best fit with their professional and personal requirements.

Be assured that the teaching and learning team at Purdue University has approached the design of the classroom and learning environments in the same way it has done over the past several years; with a strong focus toward transformative education and engaged student learning.

Courses included in the fully online option do not cover the entire catalog of courses offered on campus. They represent a small percentage of the total Spring 2021 undergraduate course offerings and were intentionally selected based on past enrollments, broad use across majors, and input from department heads and associate deans. This list of courses was optimized to meet as much of the need for the Fall 2020 Fully Online students.

View the list of courses available for the fully online option.

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General Classes and Academics | Tuition and Financial Aid | Housing and Dining | Campus Life and Socializing 

Tuition and Fin Aid 2021 Online

Students who choose the spring online option are still eligible for all types of financial aid. If you are considering the online option, however, please note if you receive financial aid, your total financial aid package may be affected by the change in your costs for the semester. Please check with financial aid to understand the effect of the online option on your total financial aid package.

Students who choose the online option will be charged based on summer pricing for online classes. Specific questions should be sent to askbursar@purdue.edu.

Purdue Spring 2021 Online Option

Please see below for undergraduate & graduate Purdue Covid-19 Online Option Tuition estimates for the spring 2021 semester, including flat-rate and per-credit-hour fee information.

9 Credits

Option est.

General Service$2,301.95
Technology Fee$94.10
Student Activity Fee$20.00
Total Resident$2,416.05
Non-Res Tuition$4,700.50
Total Non-Resident$7,116.55
UG Int’l Student Tuition*$500.00
International Student Fee$145.00
Total Int’l Non-Resident$7,761.55

12 Credits

Option est.

General Service$3,289.10
Technology Fee$94.10
Student Activity Fee$20.00
Total Resident$3,403.20
Non-Res Tuition$6,501.85
Total Non-Resident$9,905.05
UG Int’l Student Tuition*$500.00
International Student Fee$145.00
Total Int’l Non-Resident$10,550.05

15 Credits

Option est.

General Service$4,276.25
Technology Fee$94.10
Student Activity Fee$20.00
Total Resident$4,390.35
Non-Res Tuition$8,303.20
Total Non-Resident$12,693.55
UG Int’l Student Tuition*$500.00
International Student Fee$145.00
Total Int’l Non-Resident$13,338.55

Honors College students will have an additional $100 fee. For information regarding this fee, visit the Honors College FAQ page.

Spring semester students will also be assessed a percentage of the approved College differential tuition based upon the following hours: 1-3 hours=25%, 4-7 hours=50%, 8 hours and above=100%.

Tuition is derived from the summer flat rate on General Service Tuition at $2301.95 at 9 credits + per credit $329.05 over 9 credit hours and the Non-Resident tuition at $4,700.50 + per credit $600.45 over 9 credit hours. 16 or more credit hours will pay the fall/spring flat rates less the fitness and wellness fee and R&R fee.  Resident $4,718, Nonresident $14,119, International $14,619*

* UG International Tuition will be 50% of the normal tuition rate regardless of credit hours, this is only for Undergraduate programs.

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General Classes and Academics | Tuition and Financial Aid | Housing and Dining | Campus Life and Socializing 

Housing and Dining 2021 Online

University Residences will follow standard processes for housing contracts. Canceling any contractual obligations, like those used for housing within the Greater Lafayette area, is not a guarantee and is something that is the student’s responsibility to investigate the impacts of cancelling prior to moving to the fully online option for spring 2021.

It depends. Some learning communities are open to online students, but others are not. If you are thinking about joining a learning community or have been placed in a learning community and are considering the online option, please contact learningcommunities@purdue.edu to find out if you can participate as an online learner.

It is very difficult to get out of a lease in this area unless both parties agree to end the lease or the landlord is negligent in some way. Because they did not create the pandemic, it is unlikely landlords would release tenants from the lease. Your best option may be to sublease your apartment as a way to mitigate damages.

Purdue University is not able to intervene with your lease agreement, as you and the landlord are the only two parties to the lease. If you have questions or need advice, please contact Off Campus Student Services or Student Legal Services.

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General Classes and Academics | Tuition and Financial Aid | Housing and Dining | Campus Life and Socializing 

Campus Life 2021 Online

Yes, virtually. Purdue is proud of its vast range of student organizations from the Society of Women Engineers to the Baking Club. You will be able to search and request to join organizations through www.boilerlink.purdue.edu. Students who select the online option will have the ability to be engaged and involved with a number of organizations and organization activities. We encourage you to get involved with an organization within your major or area of interest and something you are passionate about. And when you are looking for regular virtual activities, check out Purdue Student Union Board.

Yes. Friendship is an important aspect of the college experience. If you participate in the online option, you will want and need to make intentional efforts to get connected with your peers outside of classrooms. You will likely have some courses that involve group projects and your connections with your partners on those projects could develop into friendships. In addition, friendships are often formed around common interests so Purdue’s vast range of student organizations is an excellent place to get involved and meet new people. It is true, that by selecting the online option, you will not have as much informal contact with others, but you can also find ways to create those informal contacts by attending virtual events and activities.

Several virtual resources to help you take good care of your physical and mental well-being are available here.

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