Summer 2021 Campus Experience

Guided by current public health and safety recommendations, our plan for summer 2021 will look much like spring 2021. For example, mask wearing, social distancing and contact tracing will continue. Some important details are included below to help students plan for summer enrollment.

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Classes and Academics – Summer 2021

Purdue is currently planning to offer more than 800 courses during Summer 2021 with 400+ online options.  Online courses listed as “synchronous” will require you to be online during the listed times. 

No, all Purdue students can enroll in online (synchronous or asynchronous), residential or a combination of online and residential courses for Summer 2021.

No, continuing Purdue students can register during their time ticket on a first-come, first-served basis during their assigned registration window.  Registration is open to all Purdue students from March 1 until classes begin.  This video will walk you through the registration process.

Students should work with their academic advisor to select from over 400 synchronous and asynchronous online courses if they do not plan on attending in-person courses. 

Students enrolling in residential courses will be expected to attend in-person classes when they are able. Students in residential courses are also encouraged to contact instructors immediately if advised to isolate/quarantine.

Study Abroad is suspended for Summer 2021. Students who were planning to study abroad should consult their academic advisor for alternative enrollment options.

In order to mitigate risk in teaching environments, the reduction of student capacity in all scheduled teaching spaces will take place as follows:

  • Reduce student occupant capacities in all classrooms, by at least 50% in most classrooms.
  • Limit large classroom occupancy to no more than 250 students.

Each classroom is being evaluated by physical facilities to provide a new capacity limit and install a see-thru barrier between the instructor and you. This is done to maintain a safe distance between the instructor and the nearest student while teaching. In some cases, furniture is being removed from the physical classrooms, or areas of the classrooms are cordoned off so you can’t use those seats. For some of the scale-up rooms in WALC, it has been determined by physical facilities that they may need to be converted to tablet-chair rooms, because the 3 person/3 table setup for students would not allow us to meet the de-densification requirement and maintain appropriate social distancing. In instructional labs or in discussion-based courses — where all students cannot face in the same direction and capacity of about 50% can’t be maintained — additional barriers will be provided and you will be required to wear face shields. Additional protocols will be established for entry/exit; sanitation/cleaning; and potential staggered or extended start time for classes. This might mean instructors would have to start class 10 minutes later so you can enter the classroom in a staggered fashion with your fellow classmates.

Eating and drinking near others is a very high-risk activity. Please follow the guidelines for eating and drinking on campus.

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Classes and Academics Housing and Dining | Campus Life | Financial Aid

Housing and Dining – Summer 2021

Students completing Purdue coursework, including online classes, may live on campus over the summer.  Purdue summer housing contracts can be viewed on this website.

Due to COVID-19, no outside guests are permitted during the 2021 summer term.

Move-in dates vary by contract and can be found on this website.  Students can move from their spring assignment to their summer assignment if they are unable to return home between the end of the spring semester and beginning of summer. However, an early arrival fee of $32 per day applies for the dates outside of contract terms. The $32 fee does not include meals. 

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Classes and Academics Housing and Dining | Campus Life | Financial Aid

Campus Life – Summer 2021

The Purdue Student Union Board is currently planning more than 25 activities, ranging from movies on Slayter Hill to talent shows to BINGO, for Summer 2021.  The vast majority of activities will be occurring outdoors all around campus. There will also be a number of virtual activities for students completing fully online courses. 

Yes, the CoRec will be open and the fee is covered for students enrolling in 6 or more credit hours over the summer.  Click here to view more FAQs about RecWell. 

To help limit the spread of COVID-19, we are not selling guest passes at this time. Click here to view more FAQs about RecWell.

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Classes and Academics Housing and Dining | Campus Life | Financial Aid

Financial Aid – Summer 2021

Yes, students interested in applying for need-based aid must complete the Summer Aid Application aid in their myPurdue portal, as well as complete their 2021-22 FAFSA by March 1, 2021. More information regarding summer aid and requirements can be found on the Purdue Division of Financial Aid website.

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Classes and Academics Housing and Dining | Campus Life | Financial Aid