Protect Purdue

Protect Yourself. Protect Others. Protect Purdue.

Last Update: May 26, 2020

Protect Purdue Pledge: All members of the Purdue community are expected to pledge to “protect myself, protect others and protect our Purdue community.”

August Commencement: August commencement will be on-demand; no in-person ceremony will be held. Details will be shared with graduates soon.

Fall 2020 Online Alternative: A fully online alternative for coursework will be available to accommodate those students who cannot or choose not to come to the West Lafayette for the Fall 2020 semester. Specific details will be shared in June.

De-Densification: Classroom and living spaces will be de-densified to allow for safe social distancing.

Campus Cleaning: More frequent and intensive disinfection practices will be implemented, with a focus on restrooms, classrooms and high touch areas.

New Protocols on Face Masks: New required safe health protocols include face masks, distancing, robust personal hygiene for anyone who must be on campus.

Most Summer Courses Online: Virtually all Purdue classes that begin in the months of May, June or July will be delivered by remote instruction.

Remote Work Continues: Nearly all employees who are working remotely should continue to do so until and unless instructed otherwise by their supervisors.

Flu Vaccination Required Fall 2020: The annual influenza vaccination will be required for students, faculty and staff as a condition to being on campus in fall 2020.

Fall 2020 Academic Calendar: An alternative academic calendar will be in place for fall 2020.

Research Ramp-Up: The Research Ramp-Up Task Force is leading a phased return to research operations.

Additional details and guidance are shared in the messages below.