Campus cleaning and disinfection practices ramp up

As Purdue prepares for the return to on-campus instruction this fall, more frequent and intensive disinfection practices will be implemented, with a focus on restrooms, classrooms and high touch areas.

Building Services will perform expanded disinfection operations, including:

  • Touch point disinfection of campus 5x/week.
  • Wide area disinfection of classrooms 5x/week.
  • A day-time disinfection of high traffic restrooms in addition to the evening/night shift disinfecting to total 10x/week.

Priorities for Building Services staff will be as follows:

  1. Public safety/infrastructure protection (e.g. response to leaks and floods, snow removal at building entrances, etc.)
  2. Disinfecting critical areas
    1. Restrooms
    2. Common area high touch points (e.g. door handles)
    3. Classrooms
  3. Cleaning restrooms
  4. Cleaning classrooms
  5. Cleaning entrances and elevators
  6. Cleaning hallways and stairwells
  7. Cleaning offices, instructional laboratories and/or computer laboratories, and conference areas

Additional information on these and other developments in Purdue’s plan to return to on-campus instruction this fall will be available on the Protect Purdue website as they are available.