Change in teaching evaluations for the spring 2020 semester

The considerable changes in instructional and pedagogical formats necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic render our traditional course evaluation process incomparable to prior terms. To support the extraordinary efforts of our faculty, graduate students, and staff to deliver high quality education in a rapidly changing environment, we will modify the student teaching evaluations that are historically required by the University Senate and delivered via the Provost’s Office.

Specifically, summative numerical evaluations of teaching will not be conducted for the Spring 2020 semester, unless an instructor requests them. Student responses will be solicited for two of our standard open-ended questions so as to provide instructors with formative feedback and ensure that our students have a voice. A third question will be added to allow instructors to assess how their remote delivery was received. All responses will be provided to instructors only. The questions are:

Q1: We welcome your written comments below. What is something/are some things that the instructor does well, e.g., something you hope that the instructor will continue to do in the class in the future?
Q2: Make a suggestion(s) for improving the course (a criticism alone is not helpful; tell your instructor how you would fix any problem).

For the two questions above, students will be prompted to reflect specifically on the course prior to the suspension of in-person instruction.

Q3: Given the unexpected change to remote instruction necessitated by the pandemic, what guidance can you offer to your instructor about the manner in which they delivered the rest of the course? Which aspects of remote instruction worked well, and which could be improved?

If you prefer to use the standard numerical teaching evaluations, you can contact your department evaluation coordinator before April 14 and request it.

We thank each and every one of you for your steadfast efforts to serve our students by crafting remote means of instruction.