Commencement announcement from President Daniels

March 17, 2020

Dear graduating students,

I write with news that I’m sure you all were expecting. That makes it no easier for me to deliver or for you to receive.

Purdue’s commencement ceremonies are known far and wide as among the best and most memorable anywhere. Among universities our size, we are almost alone in providing every individual student an on-stage moment of honor. The very size and density of the Purdue approach to commencement makes our event even more incompatible with the current anti-pandemic rules. Consequently, I’m compelled to report, we will be unable to conduct our traditional in-person May commencement ceremonies. 

We are deeply proud of Purdue students and there are few experiences that are as important to you — and to us — than celebrating your graduation together. We will provide an opportunity, if you so choose, for you to take part in a future traditional ceremony, and I promise you we are hard at work to create a special, memorable and fun virtual experience for you and your families as an option for this May. 

I know you are disappointed. So are we. 

You will receive more details from the Office of the Registrar in the days ahead about our plans to hold the best virtual commencement that we possibly can – as only Purdue can do.

Good luck and best wishes for completing your studies this spring. 

And thank you for being Boilermakers.

Hail Purdue,