COVID-19 Booster Shots: The next small step to return campus to normal

Over the past two years, we’ve pulled together like never before as Boilermakers. Because of your tireless work to Protect Purdue, we’ve been able to keep our campus safe and our doors open. 

If you’ve already received your COVID-19 vaccine, the Protect Purdue team encourages you to schedule your free booster shot at the Co-Rec now. Listen below as Dr. Esteban Ramirez, chief medical officer at the Protect Purdue Health Center, and Eric Barker, dean of the College of Pharmacy, talk about the booster shot’s importance and efficacy.  

This additional dose will protect you and your family this holiday season and will be essential to continuing to work toward what we all want — returning to normal in the new year.  

From everyone at the Protect Purdue team, happy holidays. Together, we’re working toward sustained safety on our campus and in our communities, and a brighter 2022 for everyone.