Required Protect Purdue Pledge training must be completed by Sept. 11

All Purdue West Lafayette faculty and staff – whether working remotely or on campus – are required to complete Protect Purdue Pledge training by Sept. 11.

The Protect Purdue Pledge training is the second training module offered in support of the Protect Purdue Plan. Faculty and staff completed the first module, COVID-19 On-site Employee Safety Training, this summer.  

Faculty and staff who completed the first training module are also required to complete the Protect Purdue Pledge training. Graduate students and those who completed the required student training via Brightspace do not need to complete the pledge training.

The Protect Purdue Pledge training is now available in SuccessFactors’ Learning Management System. The training will:

  • Outline the Protect Purdue Pledge and employee responsibilities.
  • Provide resources and guidance related to COVID-19 symptoms and the Protect Purdue Health Center (PPHC) mission.  
  • Recognize the importance of COVID-19 testing and contact tracing.
  • Acknowledge the Protect Purdue Plan and the University’s efforts to maintain a safe campus.
  • Confirm employees’ commitment to the Protect Purdue Pledge and gather contact information.

At the end of the training, employees will be asked to provide their contact information to be used for contact tracing. This information will be provided to the Protect Purdue System, which is introduced in the Protect Purdue Testing and Tracing Process Notice of Privacy Policy that employees will review during the training.

From the training, faculty and staff can download the presentation, additional resources and the Protect Purdue Testing and Tracing Process Notice of Privacy Policy. 

quick reference guide outlining the process for completing the required training is available.

The training will appear under the To-Do section in the “Take Courses” tile when an employee logs into SuccessFactors. To complete the required training, faculty and staff should follow these steps:

  1. Click here and log into SuccessFactors with career account and BoilerKey. 
  2. Click “Start Course” and then “Protect Purdue Pledge Training” to watch the training video.
  3. Complete the training assessment and then review and acknowledge the Protect Purdue Pledge and Protect Purdue Testing and Tracing Process Notice of Privacy Policy.
  4. Completed training will be listed in Training History.

Questions regarding accessing SuccessFactors or viewing the online course should be emailed to