Employee surveillance testing: What to expect

Purdue’s ongoing COVID-19 surveillance testing program is continuing during the spring semester. 

Employees who work on campus at least 50 percent of the time, are teaching one or more in-person classes or are a postdoctoral scholar spending time in labs will likely be asked to participate in random surveillance testing. Employees in categories designated as critical to the continuity of core university operations are required to be tested weekly through a separate process.

Emails to employees selected for random surveillance testing are sent on Fridays, and employees have the next week, Monday through Sunday, to complete testing. The email’s subject line will be “You have been selected for random COVID-19 testing.”

Supervisors receive emails on Tuesdays letting them know which of their employees have been selected.

Employees who receive a random testing email but do not meet any of the above criteria can ask their supervisor to go into SuccessFactors and update their location status to remove them from the random testing pool. A Quick Reference Guide is available. 

Frequently asked questions regarding testing are available. Please note that, for now, anyone who has received the COVID-19 vaccine will still be required to participate in surveillance testing.

Also, due to it being a random selection, there are chances for employees to be selected more than once. Surveillance testing is a key component of managing the health and safety of the entire campus population.