New protocols issued on safe health practices: Required face masks, distancing, robust personal hygiene

Effective Tuesday (May 26), an initial set of new safe health protocols, including the required wearing of face masks, are in place to help those who must be on campus protect others and themselves as work continues to create the safest possible campus.

New required protocols, which apply to anyone on campus, including but not limited to all students, staff, faculty, contractors, vendors, suppliers and visitors:

  • Anyone entering a campus building must wear a face mask.
    • A face mask must be worn in all hallways, public spaces and common areas.  Masks must also be worn in office and lab spaces if social distancing of six feet is not possible.
    • Face masks are also required in outdoor settings if safe social distancing and gathering practices are not possible.
    • More guidance on the use of face masks is available here.
    • Individuals may supply their own face mask, following guidance from the CDC here.
    • To secure product, please complete the online request form that can be found here.
    • Further guidance for researchers on face masks, COVID-19-specific PPE and other processes is available here.
      • Due to a limited supply, priority for centrally stocked supplies is given to research groups and support personnel currently on campus conducting critical research. Supplies can be requested here.  
      • Other research groups and campus personnel will be able to secure centrally sourced PPE and other supplies after receiving approval to return to campus operation.
  • New building signage, marked pathways and other changes are being implemented in buildings as needed to promote social distancing.
  • All individuals on campus are expected to practice robust personal hygiene, including frequent handwashing and sanitation of shared surfaces like conference room tables and lab benches.
  • Failure to comply with these procedures may result in disciplinary action through the appropriate processes.

The Protect Purdue working groups have developed a required employee and visitor training program to ensure that everyone understands their personal responsibilities for protecting themselves and others. Additional guidance will be shared with the campus community in the coming weeks.

The Purdue Board of Trustees ratified the requirement to wear face masks while indoors and in any close-quarters setting as an official university regulation on May 26.