Fall 2021 travel guidelines

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Updated June 11, 2021

The following guidelines for travel take effect from August 16, 2021 until further notice, are part of the Protect Purdue Plan and were developed to help ensure the health and safety of the campus community. These travel guidelines are for all Purdue (WL) faculty, staff, and students who are traveling for work or in connection with a course or student activity, including Purdue Extension and Polytechnic Statewide. 

International Travel

  1. The university requires all those embarking on international travel to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (per CDC definition). Self-quarantine for 7 days upon return and prior to presence on any Purdue campus. Obtain a negative COVID-19 test result prior to returning on campus per PPHC protocols. 
  2. For Purdue employees based internationally, travel (whether in-country or international) to conduct research may be possible if:
    1. allowed by in-country travel guidance;
    2. approved by the PI of the award.

Additional updated guidance from the CDC is also available.

Domestic Travel

  1. Travel within the United States is allowed. Travel must be conducted in full compliance with public health safety guidelines issued by the university, State of Indiana, modality of travel and destination. It is the responsibility of both the traveler and the approving department to ensure the travel is fully compliant.
  2. Vehicular travel must be done in a manner that minimizes the possibility of COVID-19 transmission. The following safety guidelines must be followed:
    1. All occupants must be masked for the duration of the trip, except when eating or drinking
    2. Hand sanitizer, wipes and tissues must be available in the vehicle for each trip. A container in which to dispose of the wipes and tissues is also recommended.
    3. Individuals should not travel if they are symptomatic. 
    4. Circulate air within the vehicle at all times, as possible given weather conditions. Open or partially open windows and use outside air for air conditioning.
    5. Whenever possible, seek to minimize stops while traveling.

Additional updated guidance from the CDC is also available.

Student Travel

  1. Study abroad, and other forms of international student travel, including but not limited to travel sponsored by student organizations and individual student travel, will be allowed for Fall 2021 semester if all student participants are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have their vaccination records on-file with the Protect Purdue Health Center. Recommended approval for travel from the University’s Security and Risk Assessment Committee (SRAC) and subsequent approval from University leadership is also required when the country/countries that will be visited have a US Department of State Travel Advisory which is specifically at “Level 2 – Exercise Increased Caution – Contains Areas with Higher Security Risk” or higher. Please note that student travel to countries with a “Level 4 – Do Not Travel” designation is not allowed except when the designation is solely based on COVID-19 conditions. 
  2. Additional guidance for student travel will be issued at a later date.

Personal Travel

  1. The university urges the entire campus community to exercise all due care for personal domestic and international travel and to obtain full COVID-19 vaccination status prior to embarking on international travel. If not vaccinated for COVID-19, individuals should follow PPHC guidelines regarding post travel symptom monitoring and self-quarantine. 

NOTE: All Intercollegiate Athletics travel will follow NCAA and conference rules and guidelines.