Guidance for Research-Related Visitors to On-Campus Buildings or Facilities

The information below applies to everyone who visits a Purdue campus building or facility for a short-term research-related purpose. Such reasons include, but are not limited to, technical service representatives or contractors visiting campus to maintain or repair research-related equipment; vendors delivering research-related supplies or equipment; and people visiting campus to participate in on-campus research studies.

It is essential that visitors follow current Purdue COVID-19 Safe Health Protocols that are available at this link. Purdue employees who invite visitors for research-related reasons are responsible for ensuring that their visitors are fully aware of and completely adhere to the guidelines in place on campus at the time of their visit. Any documented non-compliance will result in cancellation of the visit and possible suspension of other campus activities.

Required visitor safety protocols, designed to help those who must be on campus protect themselves and others, include the following:

  1. Prior to the visit, visitors must view the COVID-19 On-Site Safety Training for Visitors and Contractors video.
  2. All invited visitors must reschedule their campus visit if ill or showing symptoms associated with COVID-19. Symptoms, as defined by CDC, can be found at this link.
  3. All visitors to campus must wear a cloth face mask at all times when indoors on campus, if not vaccinated. For visitors who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, face masks are not required in non-instructional indoor spaces. Visitors should review the current guidance for face mask, which can be found here.
  4. Visitors to campus are expected to practice robust personal hygiene, including frequent handwashing or use of hand sanitizer throughout their time on campus.
  5. All building signage, marked pathways and other building/research space guidance implemented to promote social distancing must be followed.

Purdue employees extending invitations for visitors to come to campus for research-related reasons should use and retain a copy of the attached Purdue Research-Related Campus Visitor Safety Checklist to ensure the COVID-19 safety measures are met.