Human Resources expands information on upcoming flu season, required vaccines

Last week, the Purdue Board of Trustees approved the first of many substantial changes that must be made to open Purdue’s West Lafayette campus while protecting those most vulnerable in the community. One of the measures approved is this: “To add the annual influenza vaccination to the immunization requirements for enrolled students, faculty and staff as a condition to being on campus.”

Human Resources is expanding on that measure to inform faculty, staff and students that the influenza immunization requirements are for the upcoming flu season, once serum and vaccines are available.

“As flu seasons approaches, Human Resources – Benefits will announce our campus flu shot events as we’ve always done,” said Candace Shaffer, senior director of benefits in Human Resources. “Once vaccines have arrived and flu shot events have been announced, our goal is to ensure that those on campus receive their flu shot within 30 days. It’s important for faculty, staff and students to understand that the requirement for the flu vaccine begins then – when flu season starts and we have announced the campus events.

“We will allow exemptions for medical and religious purposes for the influenza vaccine. The essential element that will allow us to continue to operate Purdue University will be the personal commitment from each member of the community to protect each other and themselves. Therefore, we expect all who intend to be part of the Purdue community to do their part and participate in this vital effort.”

Traditionally, flu shot events on the West Lafayette campus begin in early October, but it’s expected that the timeline will be moved up to early September, dependent on arrival of the vaccine.

As details are finalized, more information will be shared via Purdue Today, email and online in regard to the timeline, processes and protocols. In the meantime, information can be accessed via: