Information for Student Workers and Student Worker Supervisors

During this time of change and uncertainty, the university has not forgotten the important role your employment plays in university operations. We also know that your employment plays a valuable role in your education. We appreciate you and want to let you know we understand how difficult it is to decide whether or not to return to your campus job. We hope this note will help you make that decision.

As you know, on-campus housing and the availability of campus amenities and student services are going to be severely limited for the foreseeable future (at least through the end of the spring semester). These factors rightfully weigh on your decision about returning to your job. We write today to let you know that if you decide to not return to your job because you feel it is unsafe to do so, we absolutely respect that decision, and you will not face any adversity for not returning at this time.

On the other hand, so many of you rely on the pay and experiences you are receiving through your Purdue employment. We have been telling all Purdue faculty and staff to adhere to the following principles

  • If you feel sick, do not come to campus
  • If your job permits you to work remotely, and your supervisor approves it, please do so
  • If you cannot work remotely, you may come to campus as long as you can maintain adequate distancing, and follow the guidelines for safe work on campus.

All students, faculty and staff who are returning from travel outside of Indiana must follow the rules for accessing campus spaces. If you are interested in continuing your job, you must first discuss your return with your supervisor to determine whether you can safely do so or whether remote work is a viable option.  

Finally, we know that the current reduction of campus services and operations has changed the needs of many campus departments. Therefore, no matter how highly we value your contributions, it simply may not be possible to have students return to all campus positions. Please reach out to discuss further with your supervisor. They know your job circumstances the best and can offer you guidance as you make your decision about whether to return (and, whether you might work remotely). If you still have questions, you can contact Human Resources at or (765) 494-2222.

Federal Work-Study Students: Of course, this decision is even more difficult for those of you working jobs under the Federal Work-Study program. It is our hope that many of you will be able to continue your work (whether remotely or in a safe way at your place of employment). If it is not feasible for you to do so, then please contact the Division of Financial Aid, Student Employment at or (765) 494-5050.     


Bill Bell
Vice President for Human Resources