New Metrics Added to Protect Purdue COVID-19 Dashboard

Two additional metrics have been added to the Protect Purdue COVID-19 dashboard, providing additional transparency and information around the COVID-19 cases on our campus. 

A distribution of the severity of COVID-19 cases, as measured by the Protect Purdue Health Center (PPHC), represents the highest reported severity for each case. The severity levels, ranging from asymptomatic to severe, are based primarily on what symptoms (if any) the patient exhibits and whether the individual has any comorbidities that make them more vulnerable to serious illness.

The dashboard also includes the number of current and cumulative COVID-19-associated hospitalizations.

These additional metrics build on the university’s reporting of ongoing COVID-19 results for testing administered by PPHC since Aug. 1, 2020, for faculty, staff and students, including student-athletes, and the occupancy of campus isolation and quarantine space, among other key measures.