New team tackles more frequent, intensive disinfection on West Lafayette campus

David Leonard, a member of the Expanded Disinfecting Operations Team (EDOT), uses a handheld sprayer to disinfect a handrail at the Krach Leadership Center. (Photo provided by Administrative Operations Communications)

Nine zones, more than 80 buildings, thousands of high-touch surfaces and one, central mission – to help Protect Purdue. The newly formed Expanded Disinfecting Operations Team (EDOT) is working each day to help protect the health and safety of the campus community.

Students, faculty and visitors will find EDOT team members wearing black vests and personal protective equipment (PPE) while wiping down handrails, doorknobs, faucets and other frequently touched surfaces. EDOT is part of Physical Facilities Building Services and was formed in July to conduct more frequent and intensive disinfection practices. EDOT is made up of nine smaller teams that are assigned to different zones across the West Lafayette campus. 

EDOT focuses on classrooms, restrooms and high-touch areas using the following schedule: 

  • Wide area disinfection of classrooms 5x/week.
  • A day-time disinfection of high traffic restrooms in addition to the evening/night shift disinfecting to total 10x/week.
  • Touch point disinfection of campus 5x/week.

The team is also responsible for refilling hand sanitizer stations and replacing disinfecting wipes in classrooms.

“We have received a lot positive feedback about the Expanded Disinfecting Operations Team and their work to disinfect our campus facilities,” says Ryan Gallagher, senior director of Facilities Operations. “We are proud of their commitment and dedication to the Purdue community as they continue to work to provide safer and cleaner spaces.”

The team’s disinfecting efforts are part of a multi-layered strategy to Protect Purdue. Additional information on other health and safety practices can be found on the Protect Purdue website.