Healow and PassProof to make receiving COVID-19 test results, quarantine and isolation processes easier

Updated Jan. 28, 2021

Two new tools are rolling out for students and employees to help make the COVID-19 testing and, when needed, quarantine and isolation processes smoother and more convenient during the spring semester. 

Students and employees will receive additional instructions on how to download and use these tools, but for now, here’s what to expect: 


Beginning February 1, students, faculty and staff can use Healow to view COVID-19 test results for testing conducted by the Protect Purdue Health Center faster and more conveniently.

Test results will appear in the Healow portal as soon as they are available from the lab, speeding up the time from the lab processing test samples to individuals receiving their results. PPHC case managers will still provide test results via email (if negative or positive) and phone (if positive). 

The Healow portal is available online or via the Healow app. For app users, the PPHC Practice Code is HBBDCD. 

Students and employees will find additional information on how to create an account with Healow and how to use the app or desktop portal to view test results at the testing site, located in Black and Gold Gyms 1-3 at the Co-Rec. FAQs are also available at https://help.healow.com.


PassProof is a web-based application that students, faculty and staff will be asked to use while in isolation or quarantine to help the Protect Purdue Health Center monitor and track any symptoms patients may be experiencing via a brief daily survey you can complete from your phone or computer. 

Only those who are undergoing isolation or quarantine will be asked to use PassProof, although anyone may choose to use it more frequently to monitor symptoms if desired. 

Students and employees have received instructions via a series of two emails on how to create an account with PassProof, and will receive additional instructions from PPHC on how to use the tool while in isolation or quarantine as needed. 

Any questions on these two tools can be directed to pphc@121.health