Purdue announces medical advisory committee

Three medical doctors with expertise in infectious disease and pathology have been chosen to advise and assist as Purdue University continues to prepare for a return to on-campus instruction while placing the protection of its people at the top of the priority list.

President Mitch Daniels has announced the appointment of the Medical Advisory Committee: Doctors Michael Mirro, Roger Scott Stienecker and Xiaoying (Karen) Wan of Parkview Health in Fort Wayne.

Mirro, Stienecker and Wan will work alongside Purdue’s integrated public health and workforce accommodation team to develop the measures needed to protect the people of Purdue, including standing up and operating a health monitoring system, identifying those who may be at greater risk, and implementing policies, procedures and practices to protect the most vulnerable among the community.

 “We are grateful to three outstanding physicians for their willingness to provide scientific and medically based guidance on the vital decisions that need to be made and systems that need to be in place in order for us to successfully operate a safe Purdue University and fulfill our missions,” President Mitch Daniels said. “More changes will be forthcoming and we will rely on and trust these experts as we address these challenging times.”

Purdue’s integrated public health and workforce accommodation team includes Purdue subject matter experts in health science disciplines, privacy, public safety, and employee benefits. The team also will work with local health leaders for the county, IU Health-Arnett, and Franciscan Health to support the efforts around health monitoring and surveillance.  Members of this team are:

  • Eric Barker, dean, College of Pharmacy
  • Marion Underwood, dean, College of Health and Human Sciences
  • Willie Reed, dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Carol Shelby, senior director for Environmental, Health, and Public Safety
  • Gail Walenga, director of the Purdue University Student Health Service (PUSH)
  • Candace Shaffer, senior director, Purdue Benefits
  • Kenitra Hendrix, director, Animal Disease and Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Trent Klingerman, deputy general counsel and chief privacy officer
  • Cherise Hall, associate vice provost for finance and administration

This team will continue to review the medical and health implications associated with safe campus initiatives and review various guidelines and emerging research on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current information can be found at the Protect Purdue website.