Remember the Protect Purdue Pledge when participating in outdoor activities, traveling

Being a part of the Boilermaker community means that each of us must take steps to stay well and persistently protect each other, on campus and off campus. The Protect Purdue Pledge outlines these steps, which include proper and consistent wearing of face masks, social distancing, frequent hand-washing, and monitoring and reporting symptoms to the Protect Purdue Health Center.

All faculty, staff and students are urged to follow these steps as the weather gets warmer and there’s more opportunity to be outside – and potentially around more people. Following the Pledge is also essential for those traveling for work or personal reasons and those who may be planning gatherings for Easter.

Anyone who would like to schedule a testing appointment before traveling may do so by contacting PPHC 24/7 at 765-496-4636 or toll-free at 833-571-1043, or by emailing Additional details about testing are available on the Protect Purdue website

All returning travelers are encouraged to make an appointment to get tested for COVID-19 upon return. Anyone returning from domestic travel outside of the Lafayette area should also consider whether or not to self-quarantine upon return and prior to physical presence on any Purdue campus, given the current prevalence of the virus at points of travel. 

The university’s full travel policy for business, student and personal travel for the spring semester is available on the Protect Purdue website.