Reminder: Continue to follow the Protect Purdue Pledge on and off campus

In order to protect the Purdue community and its neighbors, Purdue will continue to operate according to the Protect Purdue Pledge and current guidelines on masking, social distancing and gatherings through at least spring commencement ceremonies on May 15-16.  

Faculty, staff and students are reminded to apply these health and safety practices both on and off campus. Those who have been fully vaccinated also must still follow Protect Purdue protocols. 

All campus visitors during commencement week May 10-16 need to be fully aware of and completely adhere to the Protect Purdue Plan and Tippecanoe County health and safety guidelines. Related events and visitor guidelines for the week are posted on the Protect Purdue site.

Committed to continuously identifying and reinstating valued elements of campus life while protecting Purdue, University leadership and the Protect Purdue Medical Advisory Team are closely monitoring CDC guidance for fully vaccinated individuals and weighing possible changes to Protect Purdue protocols and requirements as individuals, and a greater percentage of our overall campus community, become fully vaccinated. Any changes to guidelines will be announced through regular channels.