Remote work procedures, resources support campus de-densification

Remote work is part of the campus de-densification efforts approved by the Board of Trustees and outlined in the Protect Purdue Plan, and to support the increased number of employees working remotely, Purdue’s remote work website and procedures have been updated. 

“We are committed to providing support to our employees and supervisors to help them optimize the remote work experience,” said Bill Bell, vice president for human resources. “A cross-functional team worked together to update these procedures, and we believe these revised materials will be useful to those participating in remote work.”

The remote work website is available at   

Updated resources and information related to remote work:

All employees who are currently working remotely (either full-time or as part of a hybrid arrangement) will need to complete a Remote Work Acknowledgment Form, which is then routed through DocuSign to the employee’s supervisor. These employees will also need to complete a Property Off Campus Form for any University-owned equipment that has been moved off campus. Both forms should be completed by August 31.

Supervisors are asked to sign the Remote Work Acknowledgment Form when it is routed to them and to review manager-specific resources. Any discussions about work arrangements or returning to work on campus after remote work should be held with an employee’s supervisor.

Home Office Setup Guide for Remote Workers provides guidance on the types of University equipment that may be taken offsite, or purchased, in support of remote work, and related frequently asked questions offer additional assistance.

Any questions about remote work not answered by the above resources can be directed to