Required COVID-19 training must be completed by July 1

All Purdue West Lafayette faculty and staff – whether working remotely or on campus – are required to complete COVID-19 On-site Employee Safety Training by July 1. The training, now available in SuccessFactors’ Learning Management System, is designed to raise awareness about COVID-19; provide guidance to employees to protect themselves and the most vulnerable campus populations; and provide instructions on how to correctly wear, remove and dispose of personal protective equipment and face masks.

The 10- to 15-minute training, organized by Radiological and Environmental Management, was developed in line with the Protect Purdue Implementation Team to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities for protecting themselves and others as part of the Protect Purdue Pledge.

quick reference guide outlining the process for completing the required training is available.

The training will show in the “Take Courses” list when an employee logs into SuccessFactors. Questions regarding accessing SuccessFactors or viewing the online course should be emailed to

The completed safety training is viewable via the History tile. Click View All to see all courses completed.

Those who completed the training before it moved to SuccessFactors do not need to complete it again, even though it may still show in the Take Courses section of SuccessFactors. Those required to take the training who are not Purdue employees will continue to use the current training on the Radiological and Environmental Management (REM) webpage. Anyone directed to take the training who cannot access it via SuccessFactors should complete it on REM’s website.

A second part of the training may be developed as additional safety and health information continues to evolve and will be communicated to faculty and staff.