Stay COVID-safe: Avoid air sharing

Eric Barker, dean of the College of Pharmacy, explains that to slow the transmission of the virus, we need to avoid conditions that lend themselves to what he calls air sharing: crowds, closed spaces and close-contact environments.

Purdue Pharmacy Dean Eric Barker calls it “air sharing.” Others use the phrase “swapping air.” Whatever the term, it’s a setting to avoid if you want to steer clear of COVID-19. 

Barker says it’s risky to engage in activities where you’re sharing air space with others and NOT avoiding major risk factors known as “The Three Cs” — closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings. 

Instead, in our battle to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Barker says Boilermakers should adopt the “Three Ws” — wear your mask, watch your distance and wash your hands.