After I submit a request for exception to be included in the Fully Online Option, how long will it take before I hear a decision? (Updated Dec. 7)

After December 7 – Deadline Extension
The review and notification timeline will vary greatly depending on the request. Some students will be notified that their request has been placed on hold while the committee reviews each request. Should Purdue determine that additional documentation is needed during the initial review, the window for which you will receive your decision will be extended. All requests will receive a decision before the first week of classes. 

When a final decision has been released, an email will be sent to you and your advisor(s) outlining the decision and any next steps that you should take. All decisions are made at the discretion of Purdue and are final. 

Should you have questions during or after submitting your request, please direct them to your advisor or

Before November 13 Deadline
It depends on the follow-up needed for any given student’s situation. A student should expect to receive a request for supporting documentation or a decision within one week of submitting the request.