Can I still be involved in research labs or other research opportunities? (added June 5)

It may vary. Students who are interested in research/creative inquiry/scholarly projects can start with the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR). The OUR provides a number of resources to support undergraduates. Their website offers OURConnect (an online matching portal), information on a research-related curriculum for prospective and actively engaged student researchers, online seminars, tips for connecting with faculty, links to offices and programs within the academic units, and OUR staff contacts. Some faculty have research opportunities that can be performed remotely and do not require specialized equipment. However, others may be engaged in research that can only be done in a particular research environment and requires in-person participation. Interested students can also directly email faculty who are engaged in the research of interest. OUR staff can assist students as they navigate this process as well as direct them to appropriate college/school contacts.