How will I receive my quarantine reimbursement if I quarantined off campus?

Once your quarantine is complete, you should send documentation (receipts, etc.) to the Dean of Students Office at  It is then processed and sent to the Office of the Bursar to provide students with reimbursement. Students can expect a refund between 5-7 business days following their initial e-mail sent to

Funds will be electronically sent to your U.S. bank account on-file with the Bursar’s office as your e-refund account. If you don’t have a U.S. bank account registered as an e-refund account, please do so following these instructions. If you do not set up an e-refund account, a paper check will be generated and mailed to your local address listed in myPurdue.

If you have questions about the reimbursement process, you may email Julie Cox at