How will the Vault Health/Rutgers COVID-19 Testing Process work?

Students will receive an email beginning July 22 from that provides directions about the testing process and an individualized registration link at Vault Health’s testing website for students residing in the United States. The timing of your email will depend on your expected move to the West Lafayette campus. Through the link, you will be directed to the Vault Health testing registration process, where you will apply to have a COVID-19 testing kit sent to your current address. 

You need to allow at least 7-10 days from the time you order your kit to when you arrive on campus to allow for processing.

After receiving your testing kit in the mail, the telehealth visits can begin, but should be completed no sooner than 14 days before traveling to campus to move into a residence hall, participate in an on-campus activity or begin classes. The test is performed through a secure video visit supervised by a Vault Health practitioner, eliminating the need for nasal swabbing and the potential risk of exposure to others involved with in-person sample collection.

The Vault Health practitioner will guide you in remotely conducting the test and collecting the saliva sample. You also will be assisted in preparing the test packet to be sent to the Rutgers lab for processing, using the provided, prepaid shipping UPS label that can be dropped off at the nearest UPS location (note: UPS is closed Sundays).

Your test results will be sent to you directly via a Vault Health email. Those results can be expected generally within 48-72 hours after your sample kit arrives at the Rutgers lab for processing. A copy of your test result will also be sent to the Protect Purdue Health Center.

Note: Only students presently living in the United States are eligible to be tested through the Vault/Rutgers COVID-19 testing process. See below for information for students currently residing outside the United States, including international students who are currently abroad.