I am currently planning to be on-campus for fall 2020, but I am concerned that circumstances may prevent me from arriving on-campus. What should I do? (Updated July 29)

We recognize that many students strongly prefer to return to campus this fall.  At the same time, we know there are factors impacting student decision-making that are both beyond the student’s control and may not be completely clear by the online option opt-in deadlines July 6 for undergraduates (international undergraduate deadline was extended to July 23 at 5:00 p.m. due to the update on SEVP) and July 15 for graduate students.

If you are not certain you can arrive on campus in time for the fall semester, we strongly recommend you select the online option now unless you are an international student currently living in the United States. Students who choose the online option after the above deadlines may have difficulty finding available classes in which to enroll. International undergraduates opting in after July 6 but before 5 p.m. on July 23 have no guarantee that desired courses will be available as well as no guarantee that there will be enough courses available to meet a full course load.

Still, given the uncertainty of COVID-19, including the possible delays in obtaining visas, bans on international travel, and unforeseen situations, we will permit students to convert their enrollment from on-campus to online on a limited basis when a new or returning student encounters a “significant hardship” after July 6.

A “significant hardship” means a change of circumstances beyond the student’s control, which occurs after July 6 but before August 1 and which negatively impacts the student’s ability to attend class on campus.  Determinations of significant hardship will be made by the university in its sole discretion.

If students believe they are facing a significant hardship, they should petition for a hardship conversion from on-campus to online enrollment by submitting your request via the Protect Purdue contact form. Be sure to select “Request a significant hardship accommodation – online and residential experience” from the topic dropdown. If the university agrees that a significant hardship has occurred, then the student may request to convert their on-campus registration to the online option. There will be no guarantee that a full schedule of classes will be possible. Petitions submitted after August 1, 2020 will not be approved.

Hardships that are approved on or before August 7, 2020 will be entitled to a conversion of tuition and fees from the on-campus rates to the rates associated with the online option. The student’s cost of attendance and financial aid calculations will be adjusted. The student may completely cancel their university housing contract, including any meal plan, without any penalty or cancellation fee.