I opted in to the online learning experience for the fall 2020 semester, but I am inside the United States and now I wish to opt out. (Updated July 16)

Undergraduate students had until July 6, 2020, graduate students had until July 15, 2020 to make a decision about the online learning experience for the fall semester

If you opt-in to the Fall 2020 Online Option and decide later that would like to be on campus, there are no guarantees that prior arrangements (e.g. housing contract, learning community placement, etc) will still be available. A careful review of the following is highly advised before submission of the opt-in form:

  • Financial aid package might change.
  • Not all Learning Communities are able to accommodate online learners and an existing placement might be removed.
  • Fall housing contracts will be voided after July 6, 2020, for undergraduate students and July 15, 2020, for graduate students, and a new housing application will need to be submitted for the spring semester.
  • Limited fully online course list could impact your graduation timeline.

Students who believe that they have a hardship case may apply for a change by using the form found here.  Be sure to select “Request a significant hardship accommodation – online and residential experience” from the topic dropdown. If the university agrees that a significant hardship has occurred, then the student may request to convert their on-campus registration to the online option. There will be no guarantee that a full schedule of classes will be possible. Petitions submitted after August 1, 2020, will not be approved.