I opted in to the online learning experience for the fall 2020 semester, but I am inside the United States and now I wish to opt out. (Updated August 14)

The deadline to switch from fully online to in-person has passed, and the deadline for the significant hardship request to request an exception to be moved back to in-person after the deadline has also passed. This leaves students two options to consider: 

  1. Stay in the fully online experience.
    1.  Special Note: If you are living in the Greater Lafayette area this Fall, as an Online Option student you should not come to campus where you might put yourself and others at risk for exposure. You are expected to be socially distant from campus and on campus resources: this includes any club meetings, on-campus events, and resources like the libraries, labs, and the Co-Rec unless given approval by the Protect Purdue team. 
  2. Take a semester off.
    1. If you choose this option, you will want to make sure you reach out to your Purdue advisor when you are ready to start the re-entry process. If you sit out more than 2 semesters, you will need to apply to Purdue again using the re-entry application

Ultimately, we hope that you will pick option 1. We feel strongly that the steps the entire campus is taking will provide you with a rich and rewarding academic experience from the safety of your home, and we look forward to the day that we get to see you on campus.