If I opt-in to the online option for fall, what must I do to maintain F1 visa status and I20 travel signatures? (Updated July 16)

For students who are new to Purdue and who are outside the United States. The most recent guidance from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), indicates that students who are outside the United States and who have not yet established student visa “status” in the United States should “remain outside the United States” until the campus fully resumes standard operations. Purdue has asked for further clarification.

Continuing or SEVIS transfer students who have established status inside the United States may have other options. Students arriving from outside the U.S. should plan to arrive on-campus two weeks before attending any activities on campus, including classes. This two weeks period will allow the student to observe mandatory self-quarantine before participating in face-to-face activities. We will post updates on this site as we receive additional guidance.

Students may request travel signatures and ask that the document be shipped directly to them (at the student’s expense) anywhere in the world, except certain comprehensively sanctioned countries, or may pick up the document in our office in Schleman Hall during published hours.