How will classroom and instructional capacity be de-densified? (Added May 26)

In order to mitigate risk in teaching environments, the reduction of student capacity in all scheduled teaching spaces will take place as follows:

  • Reduce student occupant capacities in all classrooms and limit large classroom occupancy to no more than 150 students.
  • In classrooms, maintain a safe distance between the instructor and the nearest student while teaching and provide a see-thru barrier between instructor and students.
  • Establish additional classroom protocols including entry/exit; sanitation/cleaning; potential staggered or extended start times for classes.
  • Provide additional barriers in instructional labs, where all students cannot face in the same direction.
  • Require additional personal hygiene measures on common contact points for the more interactive teaching environments.

NOTE: All class participants (students and instructors) should be wearing face coverings/masks and should be encouraged to face the same direction as much as possible