What academic programs are happening on campus this summer?

Approved summer programs will return, including Summer Start, Early Start, Summer College for High School Students and the Computer Science Bridge Program, with approximately 1,500 students participating.  All new students will need to complete a Protect Purdue safety module in order to be cleared for campus. 

Early Start will continue as planned. Students may live on campus, commute from home, or complete fully online courses. 

Summer Start will be fully residential for Summer 2021.  There will not be an online option. 

Summer College for High School Students will continue as planned with in-person and online options. Enrolled high school students who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 will need to isolate immediately and leave campus within 12 hours. 

Boot Camps and Bridge Programs — CS Bridge, Polytechnic STEM Summer Session, and Engineering Academic Boot Camp will continue under the Early Start umbrella.