What is the plan of action when a student in one of my classes tests positive for COVID-19? How will that information be communicated? (Updated August 22)

All positive COVID-19 tests are reported to the CDC by the local Department of Health or the specific laboratory processing the test.  In connection with HIPAA and the protection of health information, faculty/instructors will not be personally notified if a student in their class tests positive for the virus. The Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS) can provide a general absence letter confirming when a student cannot attend class. Note that an absence letter does not necessarily indicate that a student has tested positive. 

Whenever a student tests positive, the contract tracing process will be initiated and anyone who had high risk contact with the student will be provided with health-related direction (e.g., quarantine, required testing) from the PPHC. The contract tracing includes asking about the type, the extent and the length of contact to assess risk levels.