What is the sampling method at TREC?

Tests at TREC are primarily saliva-based. In addition to being highly accurate and reducing discomfort for the patient, saliva-based sampling is also safer for both the patient and the healthcare workers administering the test compared to Nasal or Nasal Pharyngeal swabs, as nasal swabs require both parties to stand in close proximity and can cause a gag or sneeze reflex, which increases the risk of exposure for both.

Additionally, saliva-based sampling allows a greater number of patients tests to be monitored at once — a single healthcare worker can simultaneously monitor eight patients collecting a saliva sample, whereas only one patient can be monitored and swabbed at a time with the nasal swab method. 

Nasal swabs are also available for use when needed, at the discretion of Protect Purdue Health Center staff. All tests at TREC are PCR viral tests.