What will online courses be like? (added June 5)

If you choose the Fall 2020 Online Option, you will select from a subset of Purdue courses that will offer a robust, flexible, engaging, and high-quality learning experience. Purdue’s instructional designers and video teams are currently working with Purdue faculty creating content and designing these courses in preparation for the Fall 2020 semester. These fully online courses are designed to provide the same content and learning opportunities as their on-campus counterparts. Purdue’s goal is to produce courses that are tailor-made for an online environment which includes high-quality video and audio, engaging activities, opportunities for student-to-student interaction, and connections between students and faculty. Purdue continues to be committed to excellence in education and the well-being of our students and brings that same commitment to providing the classes students need in an online environment that best fit with their professional and personal requirements.

Be assured that the teaching and learning team at Purdue University has approached the design of the classroom and learning environments in the same way it has done over the past several years; with a strong focus toward transformative education and engaged student learning.