When must I wear a face mask? How will this requirement be enforced? (Updated August 20)

On May 26, 2020, the Purdue University Board of Trustees ratified a university regulation requiring the correct wearing a face mask upon entering a campus building. The science on facial coverings has become clear in terms of limiting spread of COVID-19. Each of us has an obligation to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Compliance is expected in support of the Protect Purdue Pledge. As with other university regulations, failure to comply may result in disciplinary action through the Office of the Provost (faculty), Human Resources (staff) and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (students).

Questions regarding exceptions to the regulation may be directed to those offices, which will then consult with other appropriate university offices/officials as necessary when evaluating requests for an exemption.

Face masks do NOT replace personal protective equipment. If personal protective equipment is required, the appropriate personal protective equipment must continue to be worn as identified by the hazard assessment.

If you are alone in your office or your lab, the regulation does not require you to wear a facial covering unless someone enters the space.

You must correctly wear a face mask if:

  • You are in a public or common space (hallways, conference rooms, restrooms, etc.) of any Purdue building.
  • You are in a classroom, laboratory or office with others.
  • You are outdoors and not able to maintain a safe social distance.

You may remove your face mask if:

  • You are outdoors and able to maintain a safe social distance from others.
  • You are alone in your office or laboratory space.