Where can we go (or not go) on campus? Will there be places for studying and socializing outside of classrooms and residence halls? (updated September 11)

Additional spaces for study and student life activities are available. De-densification will be necessary for safety reasons in Purdue’s libraries, computer labs, dining halls, and other group gathering spaces.

There are 37 study and dining open-air tents available to students throughout campus.

Dining tents are located near dining halls and retail dining vendors. The open-air study spaces can be found on this map or marked with the tent symbol on this campus map. Most tents are open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., and the tents vary in size and capacity. In total, they add more than 1,500 spaces for students and others.

Some tents have been installed at the request of campus departments or organizations and are labeled as such on the campus map. Hours of operation, however, may differ from the general tents. For the most current list of all study spaces on campus, go here.