Will Purdue refund tuition for Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 if the university must transition to fully remote learning as a result of COVID-19? (Added June 26)

No. As was the case in the Spring 2020 semester, an unavoidable transition to remote learning would be intended to preserve each student’s safety while at the same time allowing for academic progress toward a Purdue degree to continue. We understand how critical it is to so many students that they graduate when they had planned to. Last semester, Purdue saw no financial gain from the need to make this transition in the interest of student safety and continued academic progress. Similarly, given the significant amount of resources we have expended and will continue to expend during the pandemic so that these objectives can continue to be met, we do not plan to refund tuition for any semester in which extraordinary circumstances were once again to result in the need to move fully to remote learning.